Avast Premium Security - 1 PC - 1 Year

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Advanced antivirus: Blocks viruses, spyware, and other threats in real time.

Web Shield: Blocks dangerous downloads and websites.

Wi-Fi Inspector: Detects weaknesses in both your home Wi-Fi network and public networks.

Real Site: Prevents you from visiting fake sites designed to steal passwords and money.

Real-time updates: Pushes security updates to you so you always have our best protection.

Email Shield: Prevents you from sending or receiving malicious email attachments.

Ransomware Shield: Prevents ransomware from harming files in your protected folders.

Behavior Shield: Spots suspicious software behavior to protect your from 0-second threats and ransomware.

Sandbox: Lets you open suspicious files in a safe environment to protect your PC.

Passive Mode: Lets you safely use another antivirus on your PC alongside Avast Premium Security.

Advanced Firewall: Monitors and controls what goes in and out of your computer.

Webcam Shield: Blocks untrusted apps from accessing your webcam.

Automatic Software Updater: Updates the most popular apps on your PC to help plug security holes.

Data Shredder: Helps you permanently delete sensitive files so they can´t be recovered.

Sensitive Data Shield: Stops spyware from accessing sensitive documents on your computer.

Do Not Disturb Mode: Silences notifications from Windows, other apps, and even our own Avast apps.

Smart Scan: One scan finds everything from hidden malware and browser threats to outdated software and other vulnerabilities.

Cybercapture: Analyzes unknown, potentially malicious files in the cloud and creates a cure for all Avast users if they are a threat.

Rescue disk: Creates a bootable version of the Avast scanner on a CD or USB drive to help you repair a computer that’s too infected to start.

Password Protection: Secures your passwords stored in web browsers against malware and unwanted applications.

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